Pokémon Go will let you trade creatures

Guide A guide to Friends Trading and Gifts in Pokemon GO

Guide A guide to Friends Trading and Gifts in Pokemon GO
By Zeroghan

For example, a new friendship feature will let you finally trade Pokemon with other players. You and your fellow trainers will create this Facebook-ish profiles and exchange "friend codes" with each other, (which should be familiar to anyone who's ever networked on a Nintendo product before.) Once both players have accepted, you can expect the same infrastructure you get out of your Battle.net profile, or Steam dashboard. Then you'll select which Pokemon you're trading and pay the requisite amount of stardust to send them off. Leveling up your friendship rank will decrease the amount of stardust required, with Niantic explaining that a legendary creature will require 1,000,000 stardust at the beginning rank and around 40,000 at maximum.

The Friends system also brings bonuses for people who often trade or go on raids with one another. A staple of the main series, the feature was sorely missed in Niantic's mobile spin-off; players looked with envious eyes upon one another's Pokedexes, wondering when they too might finally catch 'em all. Sending gifts or going to a raid or Gym battle with them grows the Friendship Level that unlocks bonuses when playing together.

Conducting trades will apparently require the use of Stardust, with the amount varying depending on the type of Pokemon being traded.

Good Friends can trade all Pokemon except those of Mythical quality (which as of writing only includes Mew). The Gifts you receive at PokeStops can not be opened by the founding Trainer, and so are only useful for giving to friends.

Pokemon Go is adding trading this summer, about two years after the game first hit phones. There are four levels to Pokemon Go's friendship system, each with its own rewards. Ultra Friends get a greater discount on trading, a bigger attack boost in battles, and two extra Premiere Balls at the end of a successful Raid.

What do you think about the new trading system? This is arguably the biggest way Pokemon Go's version of trading differs from trading in the main series - where trading Pokemon in a main series game is free, trading in Pokemon Go requires you to spend Stardust. It seems that the game wants to incentivize trading special Pokemon with only their best friends.

You can also trade Pokemon with a friend as long as you have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher and are physically close to one another. If you could just meet up with your neighborhood Pokemon Go players and trade around until everyone had a complete Pokedex, it would kind of defeat the objective of the game.

Players can also send gifts to their friends to build up their Friendship Level. Gifts have the possibility of containing an Egg in addition to coming with a cool Postcard that shows where the Gift was obtained.

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