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Today I want to talk about the Trump movement. Mr Trump has spoken for months in front of massive crowds about how he intends to change America and its role in the world.

Some of his statements have, without doubt, been controversial and disliked by many. But, perhaps what he has been saying is the exact things that others were thinking, but unable to say. Only time will tell if his remarks were meant to be taken literally. Mr Trump is not a long serving politician, which is seen by many as a positive thing. Others disagree.

American’s backing Mrs Clinton have taken to the streets in rage and have been protesting – violently in come cases. I guess this was to be expected given the passion felt by her followers. If Mr Trump lost the election, would his followers have done the same? No one can answer that question with any conviction or certainty.

Like with all new presidents running powerful nations, its all about balance. I hope that Trump can re-ignite the lives of normal, everyday people by providing new opportunities and expanding the economy in America. Every person in this world deserves a good standard of living and Americans have had a tough time during the past few years.

Its just a shame that Mr Trump has never lived in the ‘real’ world. I am not taking anything away from Mr Trump for being a successful businessman. Im sure he has had tough times in his life, but, he has never lived pay check to pay check, like many Americans do. His ability to actually relate to ‘real life’ situations will be tested for sure.

I would like to hope that he is true to his word and delivers on the promises he has made. That would surely secure him a second term in office and popularity amongst everyday Hillary supporters. Its really up to him now.

A lot will come down to the people he chooses to surround himself with during his administration. He must not loose sight of what he stands for and the promises he has made to the people. Many who disliked Trump during the campaigning process are now speaking very differently of him. Some foreign leaders who dismissed his campaign as a ‘publicity stunt’ have had to change there stance, treading backwards on what they initially said, like President Obama.

The next 12 months will be critical for Trumps administration as every move they make will be critiqued by the opposition. The people of America will have to give him sometime to settle in to being commander and chief.

This could be the best thing that ever happened to the American people – appointing a non establishment President. All I keep thinking is this – would Donald Trump be as successful and rich as he is, if it were not for those people who are part of the establishment?.

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