ALERT: Obama just outlawed a key substance in gunpowder

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President Obama has outlawed a key substance that goes in gunpowder, making the entire gunpowder industry come to a stand still, overnight!


The entire gun industry is at a standstill.  Overnight Obama has outlawed a key substance that goes in gunpowder. The chemical compound called  nitrocellulose can no longer be stored or used as it has been reclassified as an explosive.
Those in the ammunitions industry will be classified as felons if they continue to store and use nitrocellulose.  You can imagine the chaos that has ensued following this news.
Obama has tried to get to gun owners, and now he has wormed his way into the manufacture of gun powder.  It is serious business, and those who value their Second Amendment Rights should be very concerned.
This is the real deal. If this regulation stays in place, it will take months for the industry to recover and send ammunition prices through the roof!

There’s nothing “sexy” about ATF regulations pertaining to wetted nitrocellulose. This isn’t going to get any coverage in the media. Start talking to the average American about nitrocellulose and other chemical compounds and their eyes will start to glaze over.

The chemistry isn’t really all that important. This new regulation has ground the entire domestic ammunition manufacturing industry to a halt.

The ATF gave the industry no notice. No grace period. This came down overnight. The entire supply chain for this crucial gunpowder component is now non-compliant.


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