Apple News: iPhone 7 Disappoints Fans

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Apple share down YoY as iPhone 7 release disappoints many hardcore fans

Apple’s latest release of the iPhone 7 was not what many hoped for and as a result, their stocks are struggling to regain 2015 levels. The increase in stock price (shown above) will be short-lived and investors must be prepared for a decline.

Many loyal fans left this years WWDC event with disappointed faces and felt that they had been shortchanged, considering the price for a ticket to the event. Fans expected more from the tech giant and unfortunately, Apple failed to deliver.

The iPhone 7 was supposed to be the ‘new’ generation of handsets, as shown historically with ever release of a new number after ‘iPhone’. The ‘S’ releases have always seen minor upgrades to the ‘number release’. Thats the way it has always worked.

This year however, the iPhone 7 was nothing more than small upgrade from the iPhone 6S, and is dubbed ‘The iPhone 6S,S’.

A few minor cosmetic tweaks to iOS (eye candy) with a small upgrade to the camera and a couple of improvements here and there was all Apple could muster this year. Much to the disappointment of hardcore fans.

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With the looming financial meltdown of the global markets and unprecedented levels of poverty around the world, no one in their right minds would spend the best part of $1000 on a mobile phone that has less than its predecessor. Or would they?

Perhaps this is the wakeup call Apple needs to step up its game and regain the title of being the worlds best technology company. We enjoy many Apple products at 365Reality and even we are not convinced that Apple has done enough to maintain its market share.

What is your opinion? Are you pleased with the iPhone 7 specs and will you be getting one? Should Apple fans be concerned for the future?

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