Things About Marijuana That Goes Against The Grain

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Marijuana, a plant with a 10,000 year old history, used by ancient civilisations thbenefits of marijuana and canabisroughout the world. Dont be alarmed, but I’m sure that marijuana was used by one of your ancestors at some point in history.

Its one of the oldest herbal medicines on the planet, and Im going to give you some great advantages of marijuana that will blow your mind.

Its older than old…

Its one of the oldest, most cultivated plants on earth, with records going back 10,000 years. Its properties are like no other natural plant out there. Around 5000 years ago, the emperor of China wrote texts about marijuana and its medicinal properties for healing and its effectiveness as a pain killer. Scripts also mention how this small plant helped cure PMS, menstrual cramps in women, constipation and nausea.

Even in ancient Egypt, explanations of how marijuana was used to help become greater human beings can be found. Can you believe the pharaohs were smoking cannabis before bedtime? Makes you wonder why it is still illegal in most countries.

The high and its side effects….

Smokers of cannabis enjoy a great ‘high’. A chemical called THC is found in marijuana that, with the bodies natural THC production, creates a sense of relaxation and euphoria. This is precisely why marijuana is found to be a great relaxant and effective treatment for depression. Muscular spasm’s, headaches and nerve damage pains can be relieved with the
use of cannabis. As a natural pain reliever to many chronic conditions including cancer, many patients swear by its effectiveness.

When using cannabis, there are no side effects. Perhaps feeling relaxed, docile and sleepy is a side effect in certain situations – so be warned. Users do feel the need to eat more when taking cannabis (munchies) and will happily sleep for a complete 8 hour cycle. If any of those sound too much to deal with – it’s not for you and you should get down to your local drug dispensary right now and get in line.

The death toll numbers…

how-many-people-have-died-from-using-marijuanaMore people die from prescribed medication every year than marijuana use, and thats because the marijuana death toll still stands at 0!. Dont believe me? Google “how many people have died from using marijuana”.

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As a natural growing plant, it requires no chemicals. Like all things that can change the state of your mind, use cannabis wisely and never drive while smoking it. You may like to see this video [Drivers Stoned on Marijuana Test Their Driving Skills] on youtube, which I found interesting.

The benefits of using marijuana simply outweigh the risks and its definitely safer than the drugs mentioned in the chart above. Although, the big Pharm. companies will never tell you that.

It makes you go harder…

Cannabis is always claimed to be the ‘stepping stone drug’, which is utter nonsense. If you are a person who has a tendency to become addicted to life patterns and generally have an addictive nature, then you may be tempted to go on to harder drugs. But that will go for all things in your life – regardless of cannabis. If you are simply one of those people that need more and more, then everything in your life will naturally become a ‘stepping stone’.

Studies show that, like with all things external, if your very nature is one of easy addiction – then even shopping and eating can become addictive very easily. So no, there is no hard proof that cannabis leads people to the harder drugs.

Cannabis smokers are enjoying the natural high the plant offers, with no interest in anything else.

Drops the ego…

Cannabis users are known to be much more placid and non judgemental. Thanks to THC’s, users are much more empathetic in nature. The need to be ‘right all the time’ is diluted and you’ll find them less confrontational and more open to suggestion. But be careful, cannabis makes you smarter and you will be able to have conversations about all kinds of subjects and topics. Just make sure you surround yourself with the right people.

You wont find many after hour club disturbances from cannabis users. They are too busy looking for the closest fast food restaurant. Even trying to pick a fight with someone who has just put out a joint is pointless.

‘Limp Dick’ – no more…

Viagra has always been the number one solution for men with disfunction. Well, I can tell you from experience that cannabis definitely gets the system kick started again. You may have to warn your partner that you might be a little more hornier than usual. The mainstream media will try to tell you the opposite. Like I said, it worked for me and if it works – no more need for chemical tablets!.

Now, I would like to open up the forum to you guys – what benefits (if any) have you experienced from cannabis. I also want to hear from anyone who has had bad experiences. Comments below please.

NOTE: I am not saying that everyone should run out and start using marijuana. I am simply highlighting the facts and presenting them to you. You should always keep within the laws of your country.

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