Can Zikka Be Contained?

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Curtain media sources are suggesting that it’s “unlikely Zika will begin to spread locally in many other places in the U.S”.

In our opinion, we hope they are right. But mosquitoes can infect each other and this is a rather premature statement to make considering the first reported infections of Zikka were in Brazil. The olympics are currently underway in Brazil, meaning no one can even begin to calculate the exact number of infected people that will return to the USA, creating even more localised spreading.

Our Editor recommends: JIM MARRS – Population Control as a great read

Our piece received over 25,000 views in 48hrs and for good reason. We looked at Zikka from an alternative perspective, which clearly raised a few brows.

Mosquito’s or not, we should all remain vigilant as no one is really sure about how variants of the virus may have already mutated.


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