Critical Thinking – Misinformation, Deception and Conflict

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No sane person can deny that the world is a strange place these days. It seems everywhere you look, there is deception, misinformation and conflict. At present, conflict is at the heart of most media stories, as bad news has a positive impact on profits.

It seems that people have forgotten or simply cannot be bothered to think critically for themselves. They will happily read something and believe it to be true. Here is where misinformation wins the day. You tell the herd what you want them to believe and before you know it, you have them all single filed, neatly organised and waiting for the next deception.

This goes for religion and ideology. If you want people to believe something that they will find hard to prove to be true – tell them its based on religion. Then, just stand back and watch them tear each other apart. The trouble is, people are waking up and with the internet, subjects are much easier to research. But be warned, there is plenty of BS and deception out there!

It really does not matter what you believe, have heard or have been told. What matters is what is real, can be proven BY YOU and is within your life experience’s. Thats it.

We found a great article, which is worth a read titled *The Psychology Of Ideology And Religion*. This should get your brain thinking logically.

Following someone else’s beliefs, opinions, ideologies and even their way of life is a first class ticket to “brain drain” and confusion. Be yourself, be critical and live by your own conclusions. Only then will you ever be in a place of clear mindedness and confidence. People will find it challenging to debunk real life experiences. By being a blind sheep, you wont go any further than what others allow you to go.

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