Dangerous Amounts Of UV Rays On Earth

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Dangerously high levels of UV rays are being reported across many parts of the world.

Ultra Violet (UV) rays are penetrating the earths outer defences like never before and causing serious cases of sunburn – even through clothing!

An official chart provided by WHO (World Health Organisation) clearly shows the precautionary measures needed to be taken when UV levels are high:

Now look at this map courtesy of sunburnmap.com :

Is it any wonder that people are experiencing sun burned skin through there clothing.

In the UK, Amazon have begun selling UV protection clothing. Although the UK is not at extreme levels, we would advise our UK based readers to take a look and if nothing, consider something more than just sun cream for children.

The weather so far in 2016 has been (in our minds) some of the strangest in memory and we must all protect ourselves from its extremes.

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