Excessive Stomach Acid? Try These Foods To Reduce Acid

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Sticking to a healthy diet can be ‘easier said than done’ in today’s fast food crazed world. Spicy, fatty and foods with high levels of acidity will trigger your stomach to produce more acid to help with the digestion process.

This can cause a sudden burst of excess acid in the gut and cause discomfort and increased discomfort.

Instead of running to your local pharmacy for a quick fix, trying these foods may help reduce discomfort and keep your stomach acid production under control.

Green Is Good.

Although some vegetables can increase the production of excessive stomach acid, you will find that most actually reduce it. Sticking to green vegetables like broccoli, parsley, spinach and celery (just to name a few) will help reduce stomach acid.

Pickled vegetables should be avoided.

Fruits For Thought..

Dried figs and raisins are a great acid reduction option. Black currants, Kiwi, Papaya and pears are also great at neutralizing stomach acid. I would advise that you stay well away from most berries (cranberry, blueberries etc). Canned fruits and processed fruit juices should also be kept at arm’s length.

Making these adjustments in your diet will ensure that your stomach acid production is kept at a normal level. You should begin to feel the results within a few days.

As always, remain vigilant when eating out or having a fast food meal. These may restart the issue of excessive acid in the stomach.

If nothing changes, I always recommend making an appointment to discuss your symptoms with a professional dietician or general practitioner.

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