GERMANY: Population Urged To Stockpile Food, Water & Medical Supplies

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A report on Germany’s news site is at the centre of speculation this morning as Germany’s “civial defence concept” urges its citizens to stockpile food, water and medical supplies in the case of an attack.

The federal government wants to encourage the population again for stockpiling, so that they in the event of major disasters or of armed attack, they can temporarily can take care of themselves.

This announcement comes for the first time since 1989 and has caused many German citizens to flood local stores and supermarkets in an attempt to grab as much food and water as they can.

A new concept for “civil defense” will be finalized on Wednesday. This concept was started in 2012 and consists of 69 Pages. In the report, the Government advises people to store food, water, cash and a source of energy, which should last for at least 10 Days. In addition, civilians should install alarm systems in their houses, they should reinforce their houses and they should be able to defend themselves and treat themselves (First Aid and such).




In the Report it says “an Attack on Germany, which requires a conventional defense is unlikely but possible.”, “nevertheless one should be sufficiently prepared for existence-threatening developments in the future.”

Is this just a precautionary messure being taken by the German government? Or is something about to happen that we do not know about – yet?

What we do know is that France has had its fair share of “terrorist attacks” recently. We also know that Russia and European relationships are currently not fantastic and the “threat” of war is real. We also have N. Korea flexing its muscles and Japan and China at each others throats.

Leave your comments below on what you think may be the trigger for this announcement – or is it simply a government be cautious?


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