GIANT OCEAN BLOB – Theory Based On Common Sense

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In the Pacific Ocean, an area called the ring of Fire exists. This is an area where high levels of volcano activity is continuous on the ocean floor. As activity increases at surface volcanos, so does similar activity under the sea.

Ring Of Fire - Giant Ocean Blob

The Ring Of Fire

As lava flows begin to move around and penetrate the sea bed floor through cracks and facias – this causes the lava to cool quickly. Depending on the volume of laval flow, it cools in to rock, which in turn can create increasing sea bed levels.

It is evident that the earths crust is moving and the temperature at the earths core is increasing. The underwater volcanic activity releases extreme amounts of heat which then warms the surrounding waters.

Imagine holding a flamethrower to a sheet of steel. The steel warms up and conducts that heat through to whatever is on the opposite side. Thats called the ‘Giant Ocean Blob’. Vast amounts of sea water warms up as a direct reaction to the heat generated by releasing lava plums in to the sea bed.

Giant Ocean Blob around the Ring Of Fire
The Giant Ocean Blob

As the ‘Giant Ocean Blob’ covers a huge area (around 1000km), it makes sense to assume that the ring of fire is indeed witnessing high activity levels, but under the sea and out of sight to the human eye. More importantly, the vast area covered by the ‘Giant Ocean Blob’ should be cause for concern, as it clearly shows that pressure is built up and could release at any of the surface based super volcanos in the area.

Recent reports of the jet streams colliding and reversing have made mainstream headlines and could be connected to the presence of the Giant Ocean Blob and its influence on sea temperatures.

Expect to see more sea life deaths.

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