INSIDER WARNING – Deutsche Bank and Martial Law imminent!

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Insider Warning Of Implosion

Anyone who has had their ear to the ground knows that Deutsche bank is in serious trouble. The bank (one of the most powerful institutions the Elite currently have) is ready to crumble and cause a shockwave, one that will go down in history and one that will make Leyman Brothers fall in 2008 look like a picnic.

We have an inside informer who has warned of something terrible that is on the horizon – and it is our duty to inform our readers of it.

We have been informed that our money is being syphoned away everyday and our deposit accounts are next! Which means very soon, Americans will wake up and find themselves broke. Their ATM’s will no longer work and their cards will no longer be accepted in any retail outlets.

Don’t believe us – read this article on the Wall Street Journal website.

What America is about to witness is a decimation of life as we know it. And it is all being carefully planned out by the people at the top.

We have been told that the US government is currently using the turmoil in Venezuela to test out its martial law capabilities. A live exercise if you will. Should martial law be declared in all states across America suddenly, the US military would not be able to manage it and would fail. They are using Venezuela as a ‘testing ground’ to sharpen their skills and learn from mistakes. Once they have sharpened their skills, then its our turn and martial law will be implemented. You may have read about the masses of military vehicles currently being manoeuvred around the US.

But thats not all…

Our informer has warned that a mysterious computer virus will be announced and the banks will need to close down its systems in order to remove it. This will be announced on a Friday. An announcement will be made advising the US population that no ATM withdrawals, online payments or cash withdrawals can be made during that ‘weekend’ and all will return to normal by the following Monday morning. Once they make this announcement – YOU HAVE AROUND 72 HOURS BEFORE THEY IMPLEMENT MARTIAL LAW across the United States!

We have been told to warn our readers that once they hear of this ‘virus’ in the media – GET YOUR MONEY OUT AND RUN. Again, you will have a MAXIMUM of 72 hours before your money and rights are gone – and the military take over the streets.

Our advise to you all is start withdrawing your cash NOW. Empty your deposit boxes, gather up all your gold and silver, and keep it with you – NOW. Once this all takes effect – its too late and what you believed to be yours – will no longer exist to be your property.

Any skeptics out their should seriously consider reading the mainstream media news on Deutsche bank and its financial implosion and prepare for the worst. If your prepared and nothing happens – you have lost nothing. Don’t prepare – and you will lose everything you worked for.

We are unable to disclose our source as their safety and the safety of their families will be jeopardised. We hope you will accept this as a warning – and we all hope that they are stopped before any of this happens.

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