LONDON: Black Lives Matter Protest Confuses Many On Lookers

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London City Airport came to a standstill yesterday as BLM (Black Lives Matter) protesters took to the runway in revolt. But for what exactly?


Spectators watched as a small group of people chained themselves together and lay on the ground – right in the middle of a runway.

Black lives matter protest at London City Airport

The BLM movement began in America when police officers shot and killed members of the black community who were allegedly unarmed and posed no immediate threat to police officers. The killings sparked outrage and since then, police officers have been targeted and killed by civilians.

At this point, we must agree that the “use of deadly force” is more common in America than in the UK. Social mechanics are very different when looked at side by side. Perhaps that may be the reason why there were no black activists present at the protest yesterday!

A quote from Time stated,

“Many online criticized the use of white activists protesting under the banner of a movement that fights against systemic racism and violence against the black community. “Where are all the Black people in this BLM protest? Looks like the hashtags just been hijacked by nine people with their own agenda. Was this actually organised by BLMUK?”

“some fellow activists confused by what they saw as mixed messaging, as nine white campaigners appeared to focus as much on climate change as on racial inequality.”

Such protests will only cause resentment and will not attract sympathy – you will make more foes than friends. These types of mindless acts will give the BLM movement a negative image, which in turn will directly impact its effectiveness in swaying public opinion.

Rightly or wrongly, people have lost their lives and those “jumping on the next movement train” should be ashamed of themselves. Blocking runway’s is not the way to get your voice heard.

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