Loud Boom Sounds Return in Idaho and California

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Reports are coming in again about loud boom sounds from California and Idaho area’s.

The sounds were reported earlier this year and have left residents and local services baffled as to whats causing them. Some of the booms scared pet dogs and cats when at their most intense.

Earthfiles.com has a good report outlining what locals have been reporting, so be sure to check it out.

During 2016, strange sounds have been reported from all around the world, leaving many wondering if planet earth is trying to tell us something. Could the PlanetX / Nibiru believers be telling the truth?

Some researchers claim that a huge planetary body is in our solar system causing havoc to earth’s  magnetosphere and our poles.

See: Why Are The Planetary Axes Tilted?

We would love to hear from anyone who has recently experienced strange boom sounds. Please leave information in the comment section below.

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