M4.8 EARTHQUAKE Shakes Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone witnessed a M4.8 earthquake today, with researchers concerned that this could be a foreshock for a much larger quake to come.

Yellowstone has been the centre of much attention and concern recently and now with this M4.8 earthquake striking the park, many researchers are worried that this could be the beginning of a much larger quake to come.

Mary Greeley’s channel on youtube breaks things done perfectly and we have included her latest video below.

Credit: Mary Greeley’s Youtube Channel


The Yellowstone national park has seen some very strange and concerning incidences recently. The park has witnesses random fires, masses of fish dying off in one of the lakes in the park and increased gisser activity. All this, coupled with todays large earthquake has many concerned about what exactly is going on underground. Many people are suggesting that the USGS is censoring the data for the public, which is very worrying. The park remains open at present, which we think is crazy!

A video of the recent activity at Yellowstone can be found below, courtesy of Kat Martin. This was recorded just 1 week ago.

Credit: Kat Martin2016 Youtube Channel

Should yellowstone volcano fully erupt, the damage to life as we know it would be irreversible. This is one supervolcano we need to keep a close eye on.

More as we get it.

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