Mocking The Media – Ep.1

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Throwing a different spin on mainstream media news.

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“#ISIS, Taliban call truce to fight US-backed forces in Afghanistan – military officials “

The world’s intelligence service is amazing! Senior military chiefs of the Taliban and ISIS hold a meeting to call a ‘truce’ – and no one from US intelligence thought to drop in and arrest them while they were all together? But they can tell us the meeting happened and what was discussed at that meeting. Bravo!

SkyFire: Tiny cube satellite to probe Moon mysteries (VIDEO)

Whats wrong with this picture? … Always begs the question – who took this photo of the satellite, in space, near the moon, millions of miles away? Not one shake or uneven rendering! Someone must have stepped out to take the picture, whilst avoiding being hit by space debris and small comets! A brave soul indeed.


Lion confined following zoo attack

Whats wrong with this tweet? Well, firstly, how on earth do you ‘confine’ a wild cat for being what it is?

A zoo worker was attacked and mauled by a female lion and the lion is confined, while the zoo workers colleagues “are in shock”. In shock about what exactly? If you work with such beautiful but deadly animals, who should not be in shock when they behave as they are meant too! If you have any doubts about that – apply for a job working with goldfish.

the zoo was contacting American experts before making a decision about what to do with the lion.” – See more at:

Why? What are the ‘experts’ really going to be able to do? They cannot sit down and explain to the lioness over a coffee that her behaviour was improper!?

Our concern is that they may put the lioness down – if they do – all zoo’s across the world should be closed and the animals should be released back into the wild.

It’s like punishing a child – for being a child – it makes no sense and we hope this lion does not suffer for being exactly what nature intended her to be – a predator.

Thats all theres time for – more coming in Ep.2 shortly.

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