Mocking The Media – Ep.2

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Average African-American household’s net worth $7,000, compared to white $111,000

Thanks for the information and pulling on our heart-strings, but no mention of a solution or anything that can be done to help these people. Do not fear, we have an idea – STOP spending $millions a day on bombing cities abroad and help YOUR citizens to get back on their feet.

US sends $50mn worth of weapons to Lebanon as aid against terrorism

Need we say more? $50mn aid (giveaway) – but nothing for the hungry living in the USA. If you agree – post a HELL-YEAH in the comments!

Americans are fucking crazy – 

“I ran the CIA now I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton and I want Hillary to kill lots of Russians and Iranians in Syria”:

Rana H.

Now this one is interesting. Live on air, the word ‘kill’ being used with specific targets/people in mind. Not only does this show clear intent to endorse violence – it shows the mental standing of those backing Clinton’s presidential campaign.
But did anyone arrest this man? Please tell us he was at least detained indefinitely without charge as soon as he left the interview? No? If Hillary Clintons ratings go up after such a psychotic statement – then ‘Houston, we definitely have a problem here’ .




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