Political Correctness – And Where It’s Leading Humanity

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Expression, or the ability to express, is a fundamental requirement for human beings. Without it, nothing else matters. If we remove our ability to convey our thoughts, feelings and emotions through free-flowing speech, people will inevitably become confused, frustrated and on occasion, violent. Sadly, many in the western world find themselves reaching boiling point right now and some have already taken to violence, like fish to water. Psychologically, the west is under immense pressure and there are no signs of it getting any better.

The power of free thought and speech are being removed before our very eyes by politicians, replaced with constraints, induced by those who would rather have a society of weak minded, self governing robots, that will eventually forget that they have the freedom to use their brains, to arrive to their own conclusions.

Fear of Condemnation

The controlling of what you can and cannot say to someone is merely the beginning. Once, people where able to express themselves freely. Now, as soon as something is said or thought that is somehow “offensive”, you are branded a racist, sexist, chauvinist, feminist and all the current “ist’s” and “ism’s” going around. We are creating an emotionally detached, constrained and illness rampant society, which is where those in power want us.

A great post by Jack Schafer Ph.D. on Psychology Today, titled Cowering Behind the Walls of Political Correctness is very insightful and worth a read. 

The Young

Parents are transferring political correctness to their children. There has never been a time in history that reflects the destruction of the minds of the young, as is evident today. Children as young as 9 in the US are being diagnosed with mental illness disorders.

They are being prescribed a host of mind altering pharmaceutical drugs and the numbers are increasing at alarming rates. These are young people, still unable to fully express there thoughts and emotions, still exploring and training their capacity to be themselves, but because they do not fit in with the “norm”, they are somehow “sick” and require medical attention.

An article on CDC’s website, published in November of 2016 says:

$247 billion is spent each year on treatment and management of childhood mental disorders”Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Parents “shutting down” and over-correcting what their children say or think because of political correctness is emotionally and physiologically destroying the children’s ability to express themselves. This is leading to more aggressive and defiant behaviour.

How did we allow this to happen to our young? Why are the young unable to freely express themselves and allowed to think and challenge what they disagree with? Because they need the young to comply – and learn to comply throughout their remaining years of life.

The Future is coming

Think while it is still legal! I know this may sound crazy, but its coming, I assure you.

If any of you have seen the movie Equilibrium – thats where the human species is headed. A society of mind altered, imprisoned heard of bodies, unable to express themselves and completely self governing. At the first sign of any free thought or expression, people will be removed from society.

Being told consistently by peers that you are unable to say or think what is on your mind has already established itself within society.


Our minds are on the table for manipulation.

Just this week, an article on Mail Online takes about researching “Mind-Reading brain implants” and how Facebook is setting up a new research team to look in to how the thoughts we have could be recorded.

Brain waves predict the success of advertising, reports the northwestern.edu website.

Last year, Elon Musk openly promoted a Neural Lace technology, that will allow human brains and machines to ‘merge’ and communicate. This will send a mesh type substance to the brain, where it will fix itself to your brain.

So much emphasis, time and money is being spent on getting their hands on our brains. Is it really so surprising that we as a collective species are being ‘locked down’.

What The Evidence Points Too

First we are told what we should feel. Then, what we should think, and now, what we should say. In the end, we will no longer posses the capacity to do any of these. We will be prompted by technology, governed by it and all things that make us humans will cease to exist. We will become a perfect species of morons, incapacitated and expendable at the whim of those that have access to our minds.

Some say that the future has already arrived and that we are already imprisoned by technology. I’m concerned they may actually be right!. Time to check my twitter feed.

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