Free Ways To Overcome The Mental Torture Of Life

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Guest post by: Andrew Perkins

Today, I want to talk about how to overcome the mental torture that life throws at you, and what helped me to regain balance in my life.

I am writing this post with a genuine concern for all people around the world. I say this because I almost came to the point of no return myself and I can see this happening all around me – across all ages and with relentlessness. I became depressed and was on medication for almost two years.

We are the most well informed generation ever to have lived, but I am afraid that all of this has come at a price. You see, the mind is sensitive and reacts in many different ways, depending on what goes in through the eyes and ears. This is where I am going to concentrate my efforts in helping you overcome the mental torture of life.

Give yourself a break

The most obvious, and most dismissed fact is that you are pumping way too much information in to your mind. Tablets, phones, television, newspapers, magazines – its all information that your sub conscience mind takes in and records. That is where most of your problems begin. An information overload will manifest itself through feelings of depression, anxiety, ill temperament and sometimes, may cause physical problems.

Almost all news these days is based on doom and gloom. Heck, just look at the news on this site. Its terrifying! I found that disconnecting myself once a week for a whole day helped me to put things in to perspective. Every Sunday, no news, no emails, no twitter or Facebook and no messaging. I go completely off the grid. I only take important calls and thats all.

When your so intrenched in information – your mind has no time to process anything. Give it a chance to do what its supposed to do and it will surely serve you better. Once your confident and have moved past the ‘i need my phone’ phase, you will be able to see more clearly and feel more in control.

Its fine to not know everything

The need to feel like you should know whats going on everywhere is a trap almost everyone falls in to at some point in their lives. By feeling this way, you loose your sense of self and ignore the need for critical thought. Its ok not to know about everything thats trending on Twitter. Should a piece of information pass your way, look at it with your intellect and either dismiss it or continue to look at with critical self thought. You don’t have to agree with someone else’s point of view.

Those who believe they are intellectual and can recite information about most trending topics are only reciting what they have been told. Perhaps they believe it, or perhaps they don’t, or perhaps they have no idea what they think about it. Better to be a fool with critical thought than an intellectual parrot. Its critical thought that maintains balance in your mind.

Try not to be like someone else. Don’t alienate yourself, but at the same time remember that its perfectly normal to say “I have no idea” or “this subject does not interest me at all”.

Not knowing does not make you a fool.

Remember to breath

Taking a 10 – 15 minute walk around your neighbourhood can do wonders for your mind. Start by breathing deeply for the first 2 minutes and then walk and breath normally. This helped me to uncloud my mind and will get oxygen to your brain. While walking, look around you and try to notice things that you never noticed before. I play this game all the time and its amazing what you don’t see when your intrenched in the mind and when its busy decoding all the rubbish we put in it.

Do this once a day for 7 days and you will see that this short walk will become a virus removal tool for your mind.

Control your emotional reactions

Your need to be heard is not doing you any favours. With an overloaded mind, you will find that the only reaction you will give to most situations is a negative one. Refrain from leaving negative comments on youtube videos or news stories. Your impulsive emotional reactions are giving off negativity – which breeds like nothing you will ever experience, much like a cancer.

If you come across something that you feel a strong urge to comment negatively about – catch yourself and stop. Before moving away from that point, ask yourself “do I know enough about this”. If not, just move on. If you do, perhaps leave an informative comment, one that will not create a negative reaction. Bad vibes breed bad vibes and thats the last thing your mind needs in the information age we live in. Remember to think as yourself, critically and with confidence that its ok to not agree with or believe what someone is telling you.

I challenge you all to try these tips for 7 days. See if it does not give you a little more clarity and restfulness of the mind. You will get there, but only if you want too. Pressure from external influences must be managed better – but its your mind and your well being – do what you will with it.

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