Puff Away Smokie! Middle Aged Take To Weed More Than Ever

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Cannabis is back in the headlines as more middle aged adults take to puffing the herb – more than ever before!

RT reports that US middle aged adults are becoming more ‘hippie’fied” and are enjoying weed now, more than teenagers.

Parents in the United States are now more likely to regularly smoke weed than their teenage children in an ironic role reversal, according to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The data, released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, covers the period from 2002 up to 2014 and notes while the prevalence of marijuana use increased during that time for those aged over 18, it did not for those aged between 12 and 17.

Just 7.4 percent of Americans aged 12 to 17 years old smoked marijuana regularly in 2014, a 10 percent fall from the 2002 figure.

Eight percent of 35- to 44-year-olds on the other hand smoked weed regularly in the same year, outdoing the youngsters for the first time in the 12-year period.

The study also found that marijuana dependence and abuse decreased in the younger demographics but not among those over 26.

It would seem that parents are finally waking up to the fact that cannabis smoking is not as harmful as government’s would have you believe. This green plant has 0 reported deaths associated with it. Actually, curtian prescribed medicines have caused more deaths in the US. Its safe to say that smoking cannabis has never hurt anyone. In fact, more US states look to legalise the use of cannabis over the next 12 months, with California voting on legalization later in 2016.

RT goes on to report:

It’s not just those in the onset of early middle age who are embracing their hippy weed smoking side, however. All of the older age groups have seen massive jumps in cannabis use.

Those aged between 55 and 64 saw the biggest spike in past-month marijuana use at 455 percent, followed by the over 65s at 333 percent while the 45-to-54-years age category saw a 50 percent increase.

What we are witnessing is a clear shift in what people have been lead to believe – with what is fact. A plant that has a 10,000 year history is clearly now being seen for its true worth. Although, mainstream ‘do-gooders’ and so called scientists will have you believe otherwise.

The report notes that the fact that marijuana use is becoming more commonplace may account for the substantial increase in those aged over 18 and recognises the need for more research on this.

25 states currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

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