More Civilians Die From US Airstrikes

Raqqa City – More Civilians Die From US Airstrikes

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More innocent civilians have been killed in Raqqa City, under the banner of “fighting global terrorism”.

A damning report by Global Research states,

The Liberation of Raqqa is fake. The US is bombing Raqqa in Northern Syria largely targeting civilians.”

Western mainstream media are being selective on the types of reports they publish about Syria. The reality on the ground is very different to what we have been led to believe.

However, many in the west are slowly becoming aware of the atrocities the U.S. military have caused in Syria, and are no longer buying into the narrative.

Extensive bombing of Syrian cities has continued for over two years now with innocent civilians paying the price. Many want to see the US be held accountable for crimes against humanity. But under the pretext of “counterterrorism operations”, the war rages on.

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