The GOLD Rush – Timebomb or Safe Bunker?

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It’s no big secret that almost half of the world’s wealthiest people are going long on gold. During volatile markets, savvy investors have always seen gold as a safe bunker. But is the current gold rush actually that beneficial to the everyday person, who sweats for the wages they receive?.


A shrewd character but savvy investor. This guy just gave Hillary Clinton $8million to fund her campaign and is said to be worth billions of dollars. Clever investor? Or just lucky? Soros made his fortune playing the investment markets and has been said to have close ties to all the right people, in the right places. Surprising?

Soros is just one of many people who have a keen eye for stocks and understand trends. But my concern is not for those fortunate individuals – it’s for everyone else.

Let us be honest, the US has seen better times both in domestic moral and financial terms. People simply are not as well off as they once were – and now, more than ever, are seeking and hunting for that next big break. In comes gold to the rescue…


The thirst for material luxuries will never leave those who once enjoyed them. A car, a home, the holiday home abroad – all swallowed up in the crash of 2008. People will listen to those who ‘have it all’ so closely, they will ignore their own ‘gut feeling’.


If you’re considering jumping on the current gold rush wagon – do so with great care. I have heard stories of people removing money from pension funds, huge bank loans taken out, and shockingly, loans were taken out from loan sharks – just to invest in gold.


A process I call “wealth extraction” is taking place throughout the USA. Wealth is being transferred from the low and middle-income citizens to the rich elites, and I feel that this gold rush is somehow connected to the wealth extraction campaign. They make billions, we lose everything.

The extraction process began with Obamacare – need I say more?

Market manipulation is not a new ‘thing’ – if you have enough money – you can bully markets so that the chips fall in your lap. Just don’t put your house down as capital, borrow money or cash your pensions in – as there can only be one loser – and it is not those set to lose $ billions.



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