The Real Reason Trump Is Imposing Temporary Restrictions on Immigration

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A suspension on immigration from several countries, building walls, President Trump has definitely rubbed a few people up the wrong way.

Without buying into the common narrative, I would like for you to imagine the following;

The US is to begin importing and selling vehicles, made by a manufacturer from overseas. The manufacturer of these vehicle has warned that out of 100,000 vehicles imported, there is a very good chance that 30% may encounter brake failure issues. There is a strong chance that 15% will have brake failure issues and 5%, will have brake failure issues for sure. 

Would you not object to your government allowing this manufacturer to sell these vehicles to the general public.

Of course you would. Its a no brainer. They would knowingly be putting peoples lives at risk.

So why would you accept that this temporary ban on immigration across these countries (that Obama picked) is nothing more than President Trump putting the safety of his citizens first?.

Before jumping on the ban wagon of whats trending now, stop to think.

ISIS has clearly said, on several occasions, that there plan is to infiltrate the West with Jihadis, under the disguise of refugee’s. Any leader with anything resembling a conciseness would not take such news lightly. Thats the real reason for this temporary ban. President Trump wants to get “the house in order” and assess the threats for a period of around 90 days. Its not a Muslim ban at all. Its a ban on a list of countries, drafted by Barrack Obama and his administration, of countries that pose the most risk to the US.

Some would argue that more countries should have been on this list, but there is nothing to say that Trump will not lift this ban, and impose another ban later down the road on other countries. Until his house is in order and the threat can be assessed properly.

It makes me angry to see people protesting in such aggressive ways, before they actually do a little reading and understand what exactly they are protesting.

Where were all these so called compassionate liberals last year when Obama imposed a similar ban? All of a sudden, people want to help immigrants.

Look in the mirror people and ask yourselves where were your protests when Obama was dropping bombs like confetti on innocent civilians in Syria?

Wait, I hear something……. thats right, NOTHING!.


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