Syria: UK Official Makes Aggressive Statement

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A very concerning statement made by a UK official today has many concerned about the state of affairs in Syria between UK/US forces and Russia.

Andrew Mitchell, UK’s former international development secretary, told BBC that,

“if shooting down Russian jets ends the conflict in Syria, then that is what Britain and its allies should focus on.” source: PressTV Report

Can someone explain how fighting Russia will end the conflict in Syria? Perhaps Mr Mitchell should deal with the facts first before making such dangerous statements. Its not like he is going to strap himself in to a fighter plane and go head to head with Russian jets.

Western media is hell-bent in making Russia look like the aggressors in Syria, with no hard evidence of any ill doing by Russia. The below press conference held by the US says it all.

Video credit and source: DITRH

Mitchell went on to say,

“attacking Russian jets would not amount to a “declaration of war against Russia” and was rather a sign that Britain will stand against Moscow’s “war crimes.” PressTV Report

Im sorry, but Mr Mitchell really should read up on what constitutes a declaration of war against another nation. Im confident that he will find that shooting down fighter jets IS a declaration of war.

Wake up people – these politicians are hell-bent on trying to start a war with Russia. If you care about your future and that of your families – share this post with as many people as you can and educate those who believe the mainstream media news lies.

Time is running out! WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS WAR!


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