UK: Sickening Attack on 100 Year Old Lady

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Who could sleep at night after attacking an old and frail 100 year old women? Well, reports this morning on Sky News suggest a man around 35 years old mugged a 100 year old woman outside her home in Tottenham, North London.

The lady apparently challenged a man, who claimed to be doing ‘electrical work’ when she was mugged of her handbag, which contained between £250 and £300. Her grandson was able to chase the attacker off.

This kind of act of mindless brutality is unfortunately on the rise. Shameless cowards are targeting people that have little or no chance of defending themselves.

We all need to eat, and the circumstances in which someone would need to perpetrate such an attack are unknown. Only sheer desperation would lead someone to attack an elderly person.

If you have elderly family members living with you, we would advise you to ask them not to carry large amounts of cash with them and to, when possible, walk them to and from appointments/social engagements.

This lady is lucky not to have sustained major injuries but the poor women is understandably shocked and distressed by this cowardly attack.

What goes around – comes around!

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