UK Wakes To Resentment and Disappointment – Black Lives Matter Movement UK

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All Lives Matter People…

Mark Duggan – shot and killed by UK police five years ago caused outrage across England.

Businesses were destroyed without prejudice, cars and buildings set ablaze and many were hurt on both sides due to rioting. It was and still is a terrible thing to have happened and we do not wish that poor fate on anyone. No parent should see their child be taken from them in such a manner.

Which ever way you cut it – the police were wrong to have opened fire on Mr Duggan. Police wear bullet proof vests, civilians (normally) do not, which should have been enough to extend their confidence and line of warnings to Mr Duggan before opening fire.

All Lives Matter People…

But there are always those would love to exploit any situation. We are talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and their despicable display of foolishness shown yesterday across the UK.

On the fifth anniversary of Mr Duggan’s death, the UK witnessed demonstrations across the country yesterday, that were complete and utter bullshit.

Demonstrators blocked main roads, airports and public transport routes in protest – run by the black lives matter group. What the hell is any of that bullshit going to achieve apart from resentment from families trying to go on holiday with their children?

All Lives Matter People…

Seriously, if you want to protest something, go to the bloody source – and by all means – protest your butt’s off. Don’t piss off the entire country! Eventually, your protests will fall on deaf ears as no one will give you any credit or sympathy if you just fucked up a £4000 holiday that you promised your family because you cannot get to the airport.

Admittedly – the protest’s were not just about Mr Duggan’s death. They were also to highlight and bring attention to the ill treatment of people, whilst in police custody.

Look, if your the kind of person that cannot keep your mouth shut – its only a matter of time before someone gives you a slap. Policeman, policewomen, a friend or your mother – keep shouting your mouth off and offending people – you will soon be on the receiving end of aggression. Its really that simple. Shouting your mouth off will not win you any likability points, and eventually, someone will lose it with you, even the police.

All Lives Matter People…

We have seen how some of the youth today speak to the Police and other public servants. Quiet frankly, most of them would never get away with such bullshit in other countries, where police officers are respected and even feared. Try getting all twisted with a police officer from – lets say Africa or India or even China. Believe us – you will never be the same again!

You might be able to throw a couple of offensive words at them – and even a quick screw faced stare – but thats about it! Your backside will be thrown in the back of their van so fast – your feet won’t even touch the ground. Thats after receiving a few digs from their police batons.

The police are just like you and me people. Ok, they are paid not too lose it and stay professional – but that is a misconception and honestly – mostly used by those who have a huge mouth. There the ones who shout abuse, use aggressive behaviour and throw a tantrum and cry when a police officer gives them a dig in the ribs! Fools!

WE ARE NOT DEFENDING THE POLICE people. But we are supporting the fact that even the police must be allowed to be human beings, who get upset with people hell bent on offending them – seriously, let us see what you do if someone spits in your face!

All Lives Matter People…

The Black Lives Matter movement needs to seriously look at the way in which they attract attention to their cause. We fear that should they continue with this kind of nonsense, they will only attract resentment and opposition, which is the last place they want to be when looking for sympathetic public citizens to join them.

Our advise would be simply this – stop crying about being taught a lesson in human behaviour when you clearly have a foul attitude.  Be civil when approached but a law enforcement officer. After all, if anyone breaks in to your house and steals your shit – we bet the Police will be the first people you call!.

We apologise for some of the language in this article, but we are very pissed about what we saw in London yesterday. So many families with children woke up this morning full of disappointment and resentment because of yesterdays bullshit.

Black Lives Matter? How about ALL LIVES MATTER people.

We cannot change the past – but we can try and make the future more civil!

Thanks for reading.

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