UK WEATHER ALERT: High Winds, Heavy Rain Later This Week

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A storm front that we have been observing for 5 days is looking set to arrive in the UK during the final week of August.

The storm front, which is headed for the east coast of America is set to break off, sending its partition out eastward and collide in to the UK and Northern Ireland over the next 4 – 10 days. Coastal areas are warned to remain vigilant as wind speeds and wave heights could reach record levels.

BP Earthwatch (YouTube channel) posted a video illustrating the potential impact areas of this powerful storm front – admittedly – focusing more on the east coast of the US, but the video and graphics show the UK could be in for some extreme weather as well. Please watch the video in its entirety for the complete breakdown as no media outlet in the UK is warning of this incoming system. UK Met Office = 0 information | BBC News = 0 information.

Please share this on UK social media to help those on coastal areas prepare.

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