WARNING: ZIKA Infections set to explode at Rio Games, Brazil

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Desperate attempts to control the worlds population are in full effect – whether you believe in such things or not. It does not take a genius to see it. Swine flu, Ebola, Zika – they are all man made viruses. Zika (also known as ATCC® VR-84™) is officially patented by the Rockefeller Foundation – ever stopped to think why?

The Rio games are about to start and representatives from all over the globe will be in Rio to take part. Brazil being the first country in the world to contract the virus, you can clearly assume that infections are about to explode across the world after the games have concluded.

The brains of new borns are effected by Zika but people have not stopped to think about what exactly could be in stall for future generations. ‘Brain defects’ is all we have been told, but what if it is all designed to create a future of humans, designed by the influence of the Zika strand?

What if the Rockefeller foundation is intentionally creating a future generation of human beings that would be in direct conflict to those who have not been infected. Zika quickly changes from a virus to a weapon. Think its a crazy idea? Its no more crazy than realising that we are all guilty of not holding these people accountable for the ‘release’ of the virus. After all, the Rockefeller’s own the virus and should be questioned about how it became airborne, when it should be in a secure laboratory. Or should we be asking the same question to Bill Gates who released GM mosquitoes in to the wild last year, what exactly was given to those GM mozzies.

With DNA and genetic cross breeding (please see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y6HIgYn_lM) already well underway, we cannot afford to be so stupid as to believe it cannot happen.

Mark our words, as you read this – Zika mosquitoes are infecting people at the Rio games. When those people return home – its game time and Zika will be everywhere. A ban on sex will be imposed in area’s (like we saw yesterday in Florida). Still think population control is a myth? You have not seen anything yet!.

Protect your children as much as you can. Thats the best we can do.

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