World’s Most Powerful and Deadly Tool Ever Created – And It’s Imploding!

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Thus far, the 2016 presidential elections has systematically proven that humanity has no limit when it comes to creating a stage of deceit and confusion. This election will go down in history as one of the most hideous, comical and knuckle-dusting election campaigns ever. No one would think this was an “application process” for becoming the leader of the worlds most powerful country. More a playground tussle between rivals over who has the bigger stick!.

The worlds most powerful tool ever created is imploding – and we fear its only going to get worse as 2016 continues. The tool we refer to is the human mind.

Everything we have created in world, began with a thought in the mind. Thoughts of doing good, thoughts of doing bad – all began in the mind. Therefore, we need to pay attention to what we put in our minds. Good and evil – are just a reflection of what’s going on in the our minds – and given enough attention, it will eventually manifest itself in to reality. So far, the 2016 elections have created situations never seen before during an election, like riots, shootings, murders and racial Armageddon.

We have never been so confused as a species. Confusion is brought about when you are in inner conflict about the reality you are being lead to believe in – that somehow does not resonate within you. You can only believe in something that your very core nature will accept. Otherwise, you will forever be in self conflict and confusion.

Far too many people are living this way. We have never seen such high levels of depression among our populous as we do today – and it all stems back to our minds and the trash we allow to penetrate in too it. Your mind is the most powerful tool in the world. Its very ability to shape our lives demands that we care for it. Caring for it means limiting the trash that goes in and what comes out.

Imagine you never went to school. Your mind would be a clean slate. There would not be any limitations put on it – based on what someone thought it was capable of – but allowing it the freedom to explore and cultivate its own set of rules and knowledge. You would quickly become the master of your own path, calm and confident. Not one person was ever born bad or evil. People become ill intentioned based on life experiences and their environments.

“You cannot separate the mind from the body, the same way you cannot separate a person from their environment” – Dr Gabor Mate – [Link to video presentation by Dr Gabot Mate]

Everything negative that goes in to our minds will only cause us more pain, anxiety and ill intention. That includes TV, movies, conversations, YouTube videos – everything! And the reason why – simple – no human being is intentionally evil or bad. Its what goes in to their minds that eventually manifests in to reality.

Everything begins and ends with the human brain. It’s the only thing that remains alive for a few moments before death. It’s the first thing that comes to life when your born. Protect it from the trash, clean it out from time to time. Allow fresh knowledge to inspire it and never allow anyone to thrust their views on to it. Go out there, and allow your mind to be free to explore – the truth will eventually find you in places you never expected.

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